PROJECT: BLACK FLASH (formally, BLACK FLASH) is an upcoming bimonthly digital publication presented by OSH★ and brings popular pirated, or ‘BLACK’, Adobe® ‘Flash’ games to users free of charge. Each issue ingeniously takes on the form of a ‘mini-website’ packaged within a [.swf] file, enabling users to run the file extension in their browser, functioning just like a website.  BLACK FLASH issues are portable; enabling users to save issues to a ‘flash drive’/USB.

Issue 1 will be released on January 1, 2018, by developer OSH★ via


Established in 2009, originally entitled ‘CODE 7’, the publication was created for 12-16yr olds who were unable to access popular gaming websites from within their educational establishments; due to system firewalls and internet filters.

Beta versions of the original publication are known to have featured various add-ons; including a quick-access ‘SAVE ME’ button – that when enabled masked gameplay with a faux spread sheet screen – in order for teenagers to appear as if they were working. A customisable home-screen featuring the user’s profile picture, name, and cover image was also included. However, additions such as these were scrapped during the development of the 2018 reissue for a cleaner UI.


The publication’s visual imagery and artwork pays homage to that of the Californian punk-rock band ‘BLACK FLAG’ and designer Raymond Pettibon.

2018 ISSUE 1


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